My Most Shared Resources

~ Under Construction ~

Here's a curated list of my most valuable resources: the nuggets of gold I've spent years sifting through the internet to find. I share these in the real world all the time and so decided to put them all together on one, easily accessible place.

They cover a range of technical areas: from living a techy life, to startup knowledge, to sales and marketing tools. Everything I use in my day-to-day work-life. I'm not counting anything obvious like Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook for Business, etc.

Pay it forward, share the love and enjoy!

If you have any questions, or would just like to discuss any of these items, you can reach out to me directly.


General Tech

Gary's Guide

The #1 resource for tech events (plus jobs and space for rent) in NYC. Also other places.


Statcounter by GlobalStats

For checking internet usage by device, browser, operating system, internet service provider, etc. For instance, I saw mobile usage overtake desktop in mid-October of 2016. 

Remote Life

Nomad List

List of cities around the world ranked by 'nomadscore', cost of living, internet, fun and safety.



Best rates on international money transfers. 


Built With

Chrome Extension that shows you the underlying architecture of a website: including hosting, domain management, CMS, social scheduling platforms, analytics, and marketing software.


Similar Web

Chrome Extension that shows basic analytics of any domain (with enough traffic): including breakdown by source, top referring/destination sites, keywords and paid advertising activity.



Seth Godin - Permission Marketing

This is one of the main reasons I'm in marketing. Permission marketing is the precursor to what we now know as Inbound marketing. It is the privilege of delivering anticipated content to your trusting audience.

Quicksprout (Neil Patel) - Definitive Guide to Growth Guide

Moz - Beginners Guide to SEO

Moz - Beginners Guide to Content Marketing


Buffer's model of the T-Shaped Marketer

A great treatment of how one can touch all areas of marketing, and then go deep on one (or more) specializations.


Typeform - Lead Generation

One of the best all encompassing synopses. Plus Typeform's blog is beautiful and so much fun. 


Seth Godin - The Bootstrappers Bible

The alternative to venture capital in traditional startups. Keeping it lean.  

Startup Rocket - Resources

A curated list of startup resources. Kind of like this one ;)

Customer Development



(Add a glossary :P)


Keyword Tool

Long tail keyword suggestions from Google's autofill.


Buzzsumo - Headlines

Most shared headlines study.