We both ninja Fairway

Fairway, "Like No Other Market"

Fairway, "Like No Other Market"

Leah, my partner in crime, mentioned while out the front of Fairway; "hey, that guy totally looks like Seth Godin". I turn around, and it totally is.

And what's so striking about all this; he looks completely normal. Of course he does! He's a human, in casual clothes, buying groceries, in a rush, in New York City. It's just about the most standard scenario imaginable.

I am glad I connected though, albeit briefly. I caught his eye and addressed him with a simple "Seth. Love your work."  He was immediately delighted. Said "oh, thank you so much", and continued about his ninja fairway mission, moving swiftly inside.

This I know all too well. On a good day, I'm in and out of that place in 15 minutes. Except when they move things. And far be it from me to interrupt him further. Not my jam.

I was struck at how ordinary this all was. Even the people we build up and idolize are still just people. Like the rest of us. All in it together. They say never meet your heroes. I say that's fair warning if your perspective is inflated.

And what I really learned was that we both ninja fairway. And to me that's the ultimate validation.