Update: How Optimistic Do You Feel About 2018?

11 days ago, I posted this fun poll asking how optimistic we all felt about 2018. When I first posted it, there were 80-something votes; not enough for statistical relevance, or to trigger the geographic breakdown.

I've kept an eye on the numbers over the time, expecting to bring an update. And now that we have a safe 176 votes so far, with 10 days remaining in the poll, here we are!

2018 Optimism Poll

Check out that beautiful blue world. Almost 62% optimistic. Great numbers. The blue countries are countries with winning optimism. Morocco, Switzerland, Georgia, are all orange; but with one vote only. Hardly conclusive. Saudi Arabia is coming up optimistic is 60% pessimistic with 5 votes. Still inconclusive.

I wish everybody in the world, the best of luck, joy, and expansion. Some of us have more freedom or opportunity than others. But we all have the choice, of how to handle what get's thrown our way. We're all in this together. Lets look after each other. 

Here's the original poll: https://polt.io/EwO 

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