The World Wants Noise

There’s safety in noise. A kind of selective ignorance. With more noise today then ever before, it’s easier to ignore the sifting requirement. If we have 50 x more information stimulus than our parents, and they had 50 x more than theirs; then we have 2500 x more than our grandparents. I think Seth Godin said that. It’s a nice way to describe a relationship with a very serious gradient. A lot of people refer to this shift as 'going exponential'. No matter how you think about it, we're all referring to the same thing. A steep uptick in information, data, access, etc.

Trump: nothing but noise. Or a signal to noise ratio of 1, having signal and noise in equal measures. So you technically can't differentiate one form the other. Or his signal is just made of noise. The situation is most depressing not because he's a sociopath, but because there is a great mass of people agreeing with his hateful sentiment. Which is destabilising the country and in turn the world.

Take Elon Musk by comparison. Definitely also crazy to have the audacity to take on the projects he does. But the good kind of crazy. He has a full appreciation of the risks involved, he’s just applying a different schema to his decision making. He's crazy but with a clearly defined purpose, and works mostly for the good of all. It’s not about profit and loss, risk or reward. It‘s about giant leaps for mankind.

You need a solid foundation to stand on before you dabble in the crazy. I would advocate a sound allocation for the random, instead of throwing order out the window. It's increasingly hard to differentiate signal in this noisy world. But if you stay on the logical track, stick to the process, work for the greater good, and ignore the rest; you may just have a chance.

90 Day Content Challenge: Day 13