The Numbers Game of Sales

You may have heard that sales is a numbers game. A classic example of the law of large numbers. There's comfort in that. 

I've identified 2 main reasons that you should churn through as many opportunities/leads/calls as possible. This applies to the games of sales and life.

First, You Have to Believe

It helps if you believe in what you're selling. Then the discussion is natural and fluid, where your motivation shines through naturally. It's not forced. It's not scripted. People can pick up on this very easily if it is. And what's worse, they'll immediately discredit you if they detect any feeble structuire like that.

If you're not a believer in what you're selling, become one. Figure out how to get yourself to a place of real and honest delivery. Think of it this way, if you wouldn't buy it because you're not even convinced, then why would anyone ever believe your endorcement. 

1. The Law

You'll only ever get a certain strike rate. Maybe that's 1 appoitnment after 100 dials. Or 1 signup after 10 door knocks. Or one email signup on your website after 100 visits. Or 1 click on your ad, after 100 impressions. 100 applications, 10 interviews, 1 hire. It goes on and on. 

Take cold calling. Depending on your list of phone numbers, where they're from, was it purchased or earned, where they scrubbed, were they pre-qualfied at all. Lets say you're expecting a 1/100 strike rate. So that means you need 99 no's before 1 yes. Which to me means you should focus on getting through the 99 nos as quickly and efficiently as possible to get to the 1 yes.

Who's out there, waiting for your call, looking for your solution, open to your suggestions. Ready. The rest are just filler. So clear them off your plate as soon as you can. The problem here is that we generally take rejection personally. So after 99 no's, most people will feel demoralized. That's normal. We are human.

For this game you need to learn to detach from that normal emotional rection. Just remember its a 'sifting game'. And the way to win is to get to the prize as efficiently as possible, while maintaining your positive energy. Why the energy; because it's contageous and will help you convert, and because if you sit with any of the negativity, even for a moment, it will posion your good vibe. It'll crush your energy and you won't convert a thing. This is a part of qualifying. You want to burn anyone who doesn't fit. Anyone not worth your time and energy. Maintain your positivity. Know you've got the perfect solution for someone out there. You just need to find them in the hay stack of a phone list.

2. After 10,000 Pitches You Will See The Matrix

Imagine what that feels like. At this stage you've been around the block. You've been in the trenches, you've seen some shit. You've heard the most crazy and outlandish objections ever, and you realize we're all just people trying to do our thing. 

One can foreseeably experience a vast majority of the human emotional range within a specific context, like an industry, given a decent amount of time. 

You happen to have accelerated your learning about these interactions. Maybe you're a gun in one niche, maybe you're a generalist. But you've surely heard every possible objection, plus now you can anticipate each one as a stock standard response. All smoothly, naturally, and without missing a beat. 

You can read people a mile away. You know the kind of day, week, month and year they've had. You know exactly how you can solve all of their problems, not just with sales, but in life. Because you're a walking resolution. You're a highly trained empath on a mission. A weaponized problem solver.

If people encounter you they had better be prepared to buy whatever it is your selling, or at least refer you everyone they know.

There's a kind of magnetism that moves with you. It's the knowing of experience. That's the difference. You don't think, you know. 

The Unavoidable Conclusion

In sales, it behooves you to move through as many opportunities as possible. Not just for the numbers, but for the micro learnings from every single interaction. Eventually, the law of averages kicks in, and you reach the boss level of awareness. There is no other way. 


What are some of the craziest objections you've heard to any of life's pitches (sales, hiring, job search, etc)?