The nonsensical approach makes more sense to me

If this seems counter-intuitive, that might be because you’re still in the herd.

The premise is simple:

“Look which way the herd is going, and go the other way.”

- Attribution required

Herd mentality, group think, and what I call rampant complacency are the worst. Signs we’re slipping as a team, as a society. Signs people have run out of fucks to give. Ignorance is the silent killer. Ignorance has the power to end this world. It's a damn shame we failed because we couldn’t do anything about it.

Making sense of this quandary is a challenge. It's a love-hate situation. I'm not sure of the precise answer; I just do what I do. This might not seem super helpful, but at least it's honest.

One thing I do know is that you need to get as much of the thrashing out of the way up front. Then you filter out the good bits, the nuggets of insight. And try to have fun in the process! That's it. You have to thrash. You have to revel in the unknown. It's usually terrifying and unclean. Don't worry. Enjoy splashing in the mud. You can refine later. But you need a fistful of nuggets first. 

On and on it goes. But that's the point right? We have nowhere to go but forwards. And if we're moving against the herd, we surely need to push harder. If you're standing still, you're just steady with the herd. Moving at the speed of herd: a negative vector, slow AF and in the wrong direction.

90 Day Content Challenge: Day 2