The Magnetism of New York City

My GP cleared this up for me nicely. She said that; "everyone, no matter who you are, how old you are, or whether you've lived here all your life; is going to have a baseline of anxiety. Just by being here..."

It's the sheer energy focussed in this one relatively small area. The amount of people with all of their grand intentions and the extra drive required to even exist here, all amounting to a shit-tonne of energy focussed in one area that can easily (de)polarize anyone standing in the vicinity.

Think of it this way:

number of people X their intention X big scaling factor = very big vortex of chaotic energy

If you're not ready for it, not expecting it, it will most likely depolarize you. Sure, the touristic sample gets you excited, high even. But then living here is an entirely different animal.

So why do it, why bother? Well, like any metaphor for the bittersweet symphony of life; it's deliciously fun! With the weight of merely existing here comes a sheer joy for taking part in something much bigger than yourself. To see New Yorkers speak-up and look after each other. To hear the classic one-liners rising up from the crowd. The kinds of conversations and shenanigans we get ourselves into. The classic New York moments.

This is a city with a pulse. Its a privilege to be inspired, shocked and reaffirmed - all on a daily basis. It took me all of 5 minutes to deduce that I had to live here.

If you want a crash course in contrast, or you prefer the head-first-into-the-deep-end approach, then you should consider moving to NYC. Otherwise it will crush you :)

Check out this beautiful data and see for yourself...

Foursquare check-ins show the pulse of New York City


Intense and beautiful...

"Overwhelment is about you not being up to speed with what you told the Universe that you want. The Universe is yielding to you. You're just not ready to receive it right now."

- Abraham

Abraham's take on overwhelment gives plenty of solace. It's not the sky falling or our brains melting. It's more a matter of our present selves not keeping up with our desired version of reality.

Ok, so I did this to myself? At least that I can live with.