The Crazy Check Provided by Haters

You need haters. They are essential. They are the litmus test of progress.

They don’t usually congregate. It’s not like there’s a bunch of negative people who’ve banded together to collaborate on their shared hatred. Although, that format does sound suspiciously familiar now that I write it out as such.

Haters actually come in all shapes and sizes. They’re a mixed breed. I suspect there’s not much commonality among them except a clear disrespect for others’ expression. Beware, they live among us.

I remember when I started to get haters. It was very surprising and began in mid 2017 for some reason. I don’t think there was much of an uptick in my publishing of content. In fact that’s been wildly inconsistent until the last couple of days. Nevertheless, people took it upon themselves to express their disapproval. Which is fine. I know I can’t please everyone, and don’t intend to. But a common theme in their commentary was that I’d changed.

I love change. I consider myself an agent of change. In nature, which is everything, change is the only constant. And I’m not even trying to be smart here. I’m trying to fit in. 

Despite whatever natural change in me over time, I’m still the same person. And I’m working on the same shit I have been focussed on for the last 5 years. All I can think of that’s markedly changed is that I’m more vocal. So then I’m just being more publically me.

I was more surprised than offended to receive these hateful messages. Of course it bugged me. But it was pretty easy to dissaccociate from any ego-bruising once I determined there was no logic to my emotional reaction. I shouldn’t take it seriously if they don’t even get me.

I wont thank haters. That’d be silly. But I am grateful for the perspective. Its a crazy check. If you aren’t pissing a few people right off, you’re not doing anything remarkable.