QR Coded

I was chatting with a university mate of mine about our resumes and the whole job hunt situation. Let's call him Rocko. I always feel a massive sense of relief whenever catching up with my old university crew: suddenly it becomes a lot easier to communicate. We discuss plenty of technical nonsense, that we're probably saving for someone who can tolerate it.

With the hot topic this round being resumes, Rocko makes the genius suggestion to include a QR code within my actual resume. The obvious destination of such 'code' is the ubiquitous LinkedIn profile. This has now become the perfect solution to my useless-hyper-links-on-the-hard-copy problem.

Of course, I had a re-labeled "LinkedIn" hyperlink on my resume that took would be HR personnel on the wild ride to my public profile page. But I had not yet resolved the aforementioned issue, most prominent at the inevitable culling and reduction stage, when printed renditions would be scrutinized with more than just a few clicks.

The vision of my 'ideal' employer; the engineering manager finally reviewing my CV, a sharp and progressive individual no doubt, would delight in the techno-flurry of the seductively un-labeled QR code.

Go on, scan it, you know you want to.

Where could this possibly lead us..?
Where could this possibly lead us..?

Not sure when I wrote this. My guess is 2013.

Original QR link was broken. Sadly we'll never know where it led. It's updated now for posterity. 

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