The Problem/Solution Paradigm

The crux of business is what I call the problem/solution paradigm. Two items that should be considered one, as they are inextricably linked.

The Problem

The thing you’re helping your cutomer fix. Crucially, this is from their perspective. Start with your idea, flesh it out with your vision, but go deep into their perception of the problem.

The Solution

Your offering and entire reason for existence. Your’re in business to solve the problem, not founder glory. The solution is built from a mix of your vision and their perception of the problem, fed from a ton of feedback and listening to your customer. 


  • If you’re thinking about starting a project or company, consider what problem your solving and for whom
  • If you’re thinking of which channels to marketing through, consider where your target customer hangs out (offline and online)
  • If you’re thinking of what voice and tone to adopt for your marketing communications, consider who’s ear you’re trying to reach
  • In everything you’re trying to communicate, consider what pain points you’re trying to sympathetically address.

It all begins and ends with the union and interaction between these two items: problem understood through client perception, plus tailored remarkable solution. You can’t consider one without the other. Use this as a north star, a guide for all decisions.