The Optimism Design Podcast: Coming Soon!

This is so hot off the press, the domain hasn't even finished propagating! The press isn't even etched. The ink hasn't even dried. The pixels haven't even fired? Ok, that's enough. 

My sister Stephanie and I have been scheming to create a podcast. Here is the central premise:

Since apathy could end the world, this podcast is a piece of action directly challenging this notion. Having the conversation around optimism might spur folks on, to feel empowered and to take action themselves.

How good is this domain by the way!

Let me know any thoughts in the comments. What should we discuss? Who should we interview? Anyone remarkably upbeat you know (that isn't secretly harboring demons.) Ha! Aren't we all... 

I realize this isn't exactly content, but a post about content. Does that count for the 90 Day Content Challenge? I'm not sure and I'm not concerned. I think to commit to more content overall trumps any Fear Of Meta Overload (FOMO').

90 Day Content Challenge: Day 3