Does Inbound Require Interruption?

A common critique of inbound marketing is that it still requires interruption to start the process. That even if you have a marketing strategy based on permission and trust, gained from your followers, you still need to spam people to start the dialogue. Let us debunk.

The answer is to have a truly remarkable offering. Remarkable in the truest sense of the word: something to be remarked upon. Like anything worth doing, the solution is simple but not easy. Remarkable breaks the mold in a good way. Everyone notices for the right reasons. People tell their friends about the cool things they've seen.

Once you have your idea, you need to validate it in the real world. Stress test the concept. The easiest way is to tell ten people your idea. If they each tell ten people, then you’re off to the races. When this actually happens, which is rare, you’ll be able to feel the organic buzz of excitement. To take the testing to the next level you can validate against the real market

You begin to understand the problem/solution paradigm. What you then learn from your early adopters is how best to position your offering. Refining the core idea into the most palatable presentation. Positioning is really about finding the best way to offer up your new concept, such that your new clients can easily fit it into their lives. There are more signals and noise in the world than ever before. So we must be respectfully diligent in our outreach. The feedback from our initial testing helps refine the product until it becomes the best fit. Telling this story is the job of marketing.

If everything goes to plan, in the perfect world, you get to the level of word of mouth. This is the holy grail of marketing.

Sorry, but you can’t fake it. Sure you can generate hype all day but if there’s no substance in your claims, people will eventually detect it and abandon ship. Even worse, if they discover deceit, you'll be punished. Consumers have a voice now, and they vastly outnumber producers. It's a privilege to address the masses and be heard. Don't abuse it. But we can listen to them and learn. And maybe, just maybe; make something valuable and useful. Else its back to the drawing board. 

Good luck! Let me know if you have an idea you want to test.


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