Earn your cred

Mass marketing is dead, or at least dying. Many will hang onto it, and surely for many it will still work. But the real shift is in consumer behavior and mindset. Who here among us actually wants to be bombarded by thousands of pokes (marketing messages) per day..?

"Email and other poking methods have made it easy to spew and spray and cold call large numbers of people, but the very ease of this behavior has also made it even less likely to work. The economics of attention scarcity are obvious, and you might not like it, but it's true." - Seth Godin.

I for one take notice when a finely crafted message weaves its way into my space. Not when blasted at level 11 volume, but subtly noted. It says: "Hey, by the way, I get it. I get you. We're on the same wavelength and are on the same mission. Just a few steps ahead of you and would really appreciate your support and contribution. Join us and we'll pull this off together - the only worthwhile way."

Credit where credit is due: Quote source with more on Permission Marketing.