The Distraction Ticker

A neat way to track and learn more about what distracts you

I tried this one day and it was major. Seeing how simple the triggers were, that sent me down the rabbit hole, was very helpful.

I normally use Things for my to-do lists, which syncs between my laptop and phone. It's a gorgeous app, and very well thought out (Apple only). However, for this exercise, I found it essential to write out my day's tasks on paper. With a pen. Vintage.

Actually, I love writing in all its forms. And there is something to be said for the physical act of writing. One of the oldest forms of communication right there. But I digress.

Here's how it goes: 

  1. On a sheet of paper, or a page in your planner
  2. Divide the page into 2 columns
  3. In the left column, write To Do and list out the days tasks
  4. In the right column, write Distraction Ticker and add any distractions that occur throughout the day

You need to remain vigilant, as anything could distract you. Which is why I put the ticker right with my to-dos, as I refer to that single page many times throughout the day. It's open right next to me while I'm working

It'll look something like this:

Distraction Ticker, alongside the day's tasks.

Distraction Ticker, alongside the day's tasks.


The result is that you learn precisely what sets you off

For me, I was surprised at how simple and seemingly trivial the things were. The distractions in my example list are all real and accurate. The To Dos also.

What got me, was that the distractions were seemingly harmless at inception, but had the power to drag me off-task. 

Now I know better what to guard myself against. Hope this helps!

90 Day Content Challenge: Day 20

A day late if anyone noticed ;)