Anyone can speak up; everyone can be reached

When communicating in the new world; anyone can speak up and everyone can be reached. Everyone that matters that is. Everyone in your team, everyone on the same wavelength. It can be tough finding this tribe, but that shouldn't stop us from speaking up. I have a hardline stance against apathy. I've gone so far as to proclaim it will destroy the world (if that were possible). Luckily, I'm an optimist.

I received great validation to raise my voice when simply posting my intention through social media. I didn't even know exactly what I was going to say! Here's proof that one can spontaneously shout out from the rooftop and people will pause long enough to listen and probably not stone you to death. Safe. Interestingly it took the verification to jolt me into action and remember my mission. Of course I knew: I just had to clear the path and return to source.

Looking at the hypothesis that anyone can reach an audience, I will...

  • Illuminate the possibilities of optimism
  • Embark on a personal mission in tandem to rid the world of apathy
  • Build a tribe that aligns with my philosophy
  • Refine and optimize the offering to suit the evolving tribe
  • Do what I can to serve the tribe
  • Release the tribe to go forth and conquer

This mission relies heavily on your feedback. If you like something I put out there, let me know. If you find something you know someone else would like, let them know. The idea is to connect the like-minded among us. Strength in numbers towards an amplified focus.

In the abundant mentality, there is always enough to go around and enough humans on this rock to cover your weird little performance. Not all of them, thankfully, but a subset: The niche. A group that may very well be actively seeking out your exact brand of weirdness. And all they're waiting for is for you to speak up. Today we have more digital freedom than ever before. So what are we doing with it? What are we waiting for? I'm staking my claim.

The Challenge: Give me any topic or situation and I will silver-line the shit out of it.

Here's the kicker: While the Sun may not always be shining on your little corner of the universe, you still have a choice in how you perceive the situation. In any situation, no matter how bleak it may seem, there is always an alternative, an option, a way out. The key is in our reactions; how we choose to view the present moment (relative to our cumulative experiences). I'm going to show you how - while I figure it out and fine tune along the way.

This is not an advice column. It's just my story, from my perspective. I’m not sure how this will pan out and I don’t require a plan. I do know that it will naturally evolve, based on your direct feedback. Crucially, there is a massive accountability component to this project. I'm committing myself to offering the full story, the honest portrayal.

What I want to see more than anything is the evolution of this endeavor. As a practice in co-creation, lets all see what we can put together. Tell me your story. Speak up! By opening up the dialogue, we open up the possibilities. The ultimate point to anything in life is expansion: towards greater awareness and allowance. And until we’re all enlightened, its going to take some focus.