How Optimistic Do You Feel About 2018?

We're off to a great start with 2018. A new start. Not that today, January 7th, is really any different from any other day. But it could be because we say so. If we choose, we make it so.

An experiment: I plan to come back to this question, in one way or another, over time, to gauge the relative optimism of people. At least the modest readership of this blog.

I would assume since the blog is focussed on optimism, that most readers are optimistic. Let's call that our hypothesis. Although, if people are here in search of optimism, then readers could be on average more pessimistic.

Once I collect enough votes, I'll share the data. I'm using Poltio for the embedded poll, and I'll be able to get good insights from their dashboard. For instance, could Australia be more optimistic than the US? Let's find out. 

Cast your vote and we'll see how optimistic we're feeling about 2018


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