About Me

I'm a LEGO kid. Running around barefoot, making forts, taking apart motors and electronics from a young age. When I learned the meaning of the word engineer, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

Starting out formally in Control Systems Engineering enriched my love of process and numbers. But I wanted more from traditional business, and I'm more of a people person than a programmer. 

Something clicked when I discovered the tech scene in New York City. It took all of 5 minutes for me to know I needed to live there for an extended period of time. 

So I bailed hard from the mining industry in Western Australia and dove headfirst into the startup world. 

After working through project management, all sorts of sales and account management, I landed in digital marketing. 

The opportunity to tell stories and help people get their ideas out into the world in an authentic manner with content and inbound marketing, coupled with the iterative approach available with digital systems and the technology available today was too much to pass up. 

Very much inspired by the likes of Seth Godin on permission (inbound) marketing and Tim Ferriss on lifestyle design, I've focussed for the last few years on being a freelance marketing specialist.  

I now work remotely from New York City with the awesome team at Ammo Marketing who are based in my hometown of sunny Perth. Together, we push the boundaries of what digital marketing can do to help our clients reach their audience in the most engaging and effective way.

Still breaking things, making, learning, and having a grand ol' time in the process.

Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Western Australia

In Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy